Chia Seeds


I've just discovered chia seeds!! An amazing superfood! Can't believe I'm just learning about them now. Following is a bit of info I acquired. Who knew that instead of growing Chia Pets we could eat them and benefit. Cha...Cha...Cha...Chi-a!

Chia Seeds

The richest source of Omega-3s
Chia Seed: 62.3%
Flax Seed: 54.6%
Hemp Seed: 19.9%

High in protein chia seed is a complete source of dietary protein, providing all the essential amino acids.

Chia is an excellent source of fiber-one serving can provide 30% of daily requirement.

This soluble fiber cleans the intestines by binging and transporting debris from the intestinal walls so that it can be eliminated efficiently and regularly. A daily dose provides an excellent fiber source; most see a difference in less than a week.

No gluten, virtually no sodium, grown without pesticides or toxicants. Chia has a high energy to weight ratio (more than wheat, corn, rice or oats) that makes it a favorite of long distance runners and athletes.

The gel forming property of chia seed tends to slow digestion and sustain balanced blood sugar levels. For the dieter, this means feeling full with no more peaks and valleys in blood sugar levels.

Great for weight loss.

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

A food of the ancient Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans.

Awesome endurance food.

Google it...very interesting...especially if you're a health nut!

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