Avidya. Avidya. Avidya.


Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

~Albert Einstein

Avidya ~
In yoga, identification with anything that is impermanent is called ignorance.

Gotta love the practice of avidya...its been my lesson for the year. Mother f-ing...avidya. Now, now. I'm not saying it isn't a worthy practice to implement. All I'm saying is that sometimes its not all that fun. Especially since every moment I get a chance, it gets slapped in my face. Hahaha. Anyway. Whatever, life goes on.

My day yesterday started off with a bout of nausea...which later subsided during morning practice. Then, off to meet 'the girls' at the park for a walk/workout session. My morning practice group is embarking on a 10lb weight loss challenge with their respective husbands. I don't really see where the ladies need to loose, but whatever...I think its great motivation when uniting in a group to achieve a goal. I've passed on the challenge...10lbs off would be a bit much for my frame...but, It just might happen with this bout of sickness I've gotten...However, I'm giving up coffee with the rest of them, and enjoying doing a little extra on the side.

I was gonna ride my bike out to the park to meet the group. But, alas, my mountain bike was stolen. Fuck!! Ok...had to get that out of my system. Just another material object to lighten my load...right? Well, I wish I would have taken it with grace, but it really pissed me off at the moment. But, life goes on...

Well, my nausea...and stomach pain came back in full effect later in the day. Lasted through the night and into the morning. Pain, no appetite, nausea. Was it the sprouts I ate? Dunno. Well, I almost skipped practice this morning...but, there are always these invisible hands that push me out of bed no matter what. During practice I felt better. After practice everything got worse...more stomach pain...no appetite, nausea, tired...small headache coming on. I crashed after practice. Woke up around noon...felt dehydrated...drank water, ate some non-dairy vanilla ice cream...which still bothered my stomach. Then I slept again...and here I am writing this post. :) Stomach still feels...blech! What's got me twisted up in knots?

Well...with everything, I booked my airline ticket today for the overseas yoga teaching gig. So, things are moving along in that area.

I'm excited, and at the same time apprehensive about the experience to come. Its natural...right?

It is my sincere wish that I will be of utmost service to the students. All I truly have is my passion for the practice, and a heartfelt aspiration to guide others in accessing the awareness within...holding a space for transformation. Seems like a tall order. But in the end I know it is not me doing the work...but the intent...a higher energy is working through me...A pretty special place to stand.

2 Insightful Comments:

Tracy said...

well..guess the bike was one less thing you had to get rid of before you left!! someone must have needed it more than you?? karma..what goes around, comes around~(meaning for the person who took you bike ;0)
feel better soon!

peaceloveyoga said...

Hahahaha...right...I hope who ever took the bike enjoys it as much or more than I did.



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