The Alchemist


To attend to the moment is to attend to eternity. To attend to the part is to attend to the whole. To attend to Reality is to live constructively.

~Pirke Avot

Came across an interesting article by Paulo know, the famous author of the classic book The Alchemist. In the article he quotes and transcribes work from Carlos Castaneda...and following are some of what he complied in the article featured in Ode Magazine.

Energy is the search for freedom
To seek freedom is the only driving force I know. Freedom to fly off into that infinity out there. Freedom to dissolve; to lift off; to be like the flame of a candle, which, in spite of being up against the light of a billion stars, remains intact, because it never pretended to be more than what it is: a mere candle.

The energy of silence
When we are quiet, we realize someone (or something) is trying to teach us. Whenever we manage to stop our inner dialogue, something extraordinary happens in our lives. We discover things we never thought of consciously but are there ready to help us. So the really difficult part is managing to attain silence--our head is always filled with songs, lists, things to do, worries, news in the papers and mathematical calculations of our financial possibilities. If we manage to stop this useless flow of reflections that leads us nowhere, then everything becomes possible.

Expanding on the classic work of The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, the book will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on May 29th. If you haven't had a chance to read this quintessential modern day classic definitely pick it up. Its a quick but delightful read regarding the 'hero's journey'.

When pondering my own journey, inspired by The Alchemist, I've come to the realization that there's really no need to seek out so much. In the last several months I've been experimenting, researching other practices, but then in the end...I wonder why? When I think back to when I began the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, in truth, it found me, I didn't find it. So, there it journey within the confines of this challenging path embarked. Why do I need to seek out more?

The ego feeds on wanting more, and more.

I remember when I initially stumbled upon my first Ashtanga Yoga class...subtlety, I was blown away. In an instant I new this was for me...and, it radically changed my life, and perspective. Of course, the longer one practices asana it becomes only a small part of the journey. So, I've come to a place where my daily Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and Yoga Sutra study is enough. They both go hand in hand...and geesh...studying, practicing, contemplating the Yoga Sutras alone is a task in itself. And, if something comes along, and presents itself to me, chiding me to pursue it, then so be it. However, presently, what is right in front of me, at this moment, is enough....its more important that I delve deeply into one practice vs. skimming the surface of several other practices...and well, isn't it true that at the bottom of every well there is the same Truth anyway? And, isn't it enough that I continue to listen to my own inner voice while implementing the tools already present? Its time to continue digging this well, and honestly, its the deepest well I've dug thus far...why look anywhere else? And, its not really about having a narrow minded focus...but, the way I see I have said before...if something comes along and finds me, then I'll be open to it...until then...I'm perfectly happy with what's before me...

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Tracy said...

i swear just constantly amaze me with your insights and perceptions..and to read your blog is almost a religion in itself! no BS and ridiculous crap..just the bare nails and it always. ALWAYS rings So true and deep within my soul~ just wanted to say that...this post was by far the "Icing on the Cake" for me and my most Magical day! Keep on keeping on my friend! Don't know what I would do with out my daily "dose" of Laruga~
love you friend,


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