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In that moment, by divine favor and the spiritual assistance of the sheikh, my heart was opened. I saw that within me was something resembling an overturned cup; when this object was stood upright, a feeling of limitless happiness filled my being.


Ok...Think I'm out of the dark. The stomach sickness has passed...let's hope...cross your fingers. On Sunday I thought it had passed, to have it come knock, knocking on my door yesterday making another appearance live and in color. Had some of the worst pains...anyway...glad that's over. Been cleaning up my diet...maybe that's what did me in. Too much arugula? Not sure...

Its always in my nature to dig I did a bit of research on the unconscious causes of stomach/digestive issues. Following is something I found by Louise Hay.


The stomach represents digestion, not only of food and physical nutrients, but of new ideas, new ways of doing things, and accepting change of any kind. The Stomach is nothing more than a big flexible bag of muscle whose job it is to ripen and rot whatever is put into it. That is, its job is to break down what is put into it into a form that the body can deal with. This it does by adding Hydrochloric Acid, Hormones, Enzymes and Bile which reduces every sold morsel into an undifferentiated mass called Chyme. Simultaneously it rocks back and forth swishing and swilling this mess until it is liquefied and able to pass through the small Pyloric Valve into the Small Intestine where the actual absorption of nutrients mostly takes place. Metaphysically, when we come upon a new idea or a new way of doing things, the process is similar. First we must swallow the idea, either whole or in handy bite sized morsels, break it down into a form we can handle and finally absorb that which we need to nourish ourselves. In the same way that a bad diet poisons the body, toxic ideas, suppressed emotions and resistance to change can have a poisoning effect. In traditional Chinese Medicine, long standing emotional disharmony is seen as a primary cause of disease. Strengthening the Spleen/Stomach which between them are responsible for transforming food and water into Qi, and transporting it throughout the body, is seen as a key strategy to deal with almost any disease. Metaphysically we need to nourish ourselves every day, just as we need to eat nourishing foods. Just as the physical body needs nourishment to grow and carry on its day to day activities, so do the Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. Metaphysically, 'wellness' is not accomplished by a change in diet alone. Louise Hay suggests that the stomach holds nourishment, digests ideas. Problems indicate dread, fear of the new, and an inability to assimilate the new.
~Louise Hay

Practice in the early a.m. felt good. However, I was a bit all over place because my body felt lighter. Well, physically it was...Could tell I lost several pounds in the last few days from the stomach issue. So, in some of the lifts and arm balances I was thrown a bit off balance. But, its all good. Just have to make the proper adjustments. feels so much better to be back to normal...

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