When you are fiercely angry or feeling joy beyond description, when you are at an impasse, not knowing what to do, when you are in terror or running for your life, know that such intense states of mind are fully permeated with the spanda, the creative vibration of divine shakti. Find her there.

~Spanda Karikas

I love the story of Hanuman...Thought I would dedicate this post to him and the purity of essence he represents. When I think about the muck I've been living in lately its the portrayal of Hanuman that pulls me up, and breathes new life into me.

Morning practice today felt a new vitality enter in...not because of anything that I did, but because I let go, and released...a lightness filled me. When standing at the top of my mat, I allowed the energy to move through. As an act of devotion, I showed up and was present. That is all it takes. Just being, and using the practice as a connection to something bigger than myself...makes all the difference...

Hanuman characteristics: bravery, strength, humility, wisdom, truthfulness, sincerity, loyalty, perseverance, utter selflessness, and devotion to God. A true Karma yogi, who does not seek rewards or fame. Represents selfless devotion and love.

Hanuman symbolizes the temperament of the human intellect, which is jumpy, uneasy, excitable and unquiet. It is only through the direct path of pure bhakti (devotion), that it can be made aware of its profound potential, and silent essence.

In Hindu symbolism, a monkey signifies the human mind, which is ever restless and never still. The monkey-mind happens to be the only thing over which a man has absolute control. We cannot control the world around us but we can control and tame our mind by ardent discipline. We cannot choose our life but we can choose the way we respond to it.

H ~ Humility and hopefulness (optimism)
A ~ Admiration (truthfulness, devotion)
N ~ Nobility (sincerity, loyalty, modesty)
U ~ Understanding (knowledge)
M ~ Mastery over Ego (kindness, compassion)
A ~ Achievements (strength)
N ~ Nishkama-karma (selfless work in service of God)

~Bansi Pandit

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Anonymous said...

|| Om Shri Hanumate Namah: ||

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Once Arjun asked Krsna to give him something to remember. Krsna wrote something on a paper and said, Arjun should open it when he is feeling very depressed or when he is feeling excellent.
Om the Paper stood: "THIS WILL VANISH"

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peaceloveyoga said...

Wow! I checked out the site. Thank you!!


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