Lakshmi, Goddess of Love & Beauty


Trust the divine power, and she will free the godlike elements in you, and shape all into an expression of divine nature.

~Sri Aurobindo

I've deeply grown to admire the qualities of the Goddess Lakshmi. When initially having an interest in Hindu philosphy, and passionately devouring the practice of Ashtanga yoga I naturally gravitated toward the characteristics and power of Shiva. Always desiring the appearance of strength and self-sufficiency of course that would have been my first choice. Constantly reinventing myself, and switching gears, change...the way I viewed it or desired it, was something I welcomed. Now, however, coming to a place of softening, and release, honoring my feminine energy has come to the forefront. Being fiercely independent before...not wanting to ever rely on anyone or anybody I've learned the importance of surrender, compassion, and the beauty of community. There's been a letting go of the fear appearing weak, and the realization that its okay to lean on others in times of need. I've had to learn willingness, and that an openness with one's feelings and emotions are not a sign of weakness...but a sign of strength. Its the holding on...the locking up...the resistance that block of the flow...When sitting in THAT space...the inner light shines through with no effort. Simply beautiful.

Practice Notes:

Digesting these qualities brings new energy and vitality to the practice. This morning, took my time to feel every matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Amazingly, with all the conscious internal surrender proceeding in my day to day life, backbending has never felt this good in a long time. After my last drop back, when walking the hands in toward the feet for a final 5 breaths...I wanted to linger there...

Laskshmi's Characteristics: Goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity and generosity. The embodiment of beauty, intelligence, grace and charm. The manifestation of strength, peace and balance. The paragon of opulence, wisdom and auspiciousness. The Goddess of light and good fortune. The essence of prosperity, both material and spiritual.

The Goddess of Flow.

Female energy of the Supreme Being.

Consort and creative energy of Vishnu.

Portrayed as a beautiful lady with golden complexion, dressed in red attire and adorned with jewels. Lakshmi has four hands representing the four ends of life, Karma (desires), Artha (wealth), Dharma (righteousness), and Moksha (liberation). Holds a lotus bud in two hands, which stands for beauty, purity, spirituality and fertility. She sits on a fully blossomed lotus, a seat of Divine Truth.

Two elephants shown standing next to her denotes that ceaseless effort, in accordance with one's dharma, when governed by wisdom and purity, leads to both material and spiritual prosperity.

An aura of Divine happiness, mental, and spiritual satisfaction and prosperity always exists around her.

Resides in a place where
virtue, righteousness, truth and compassion prevail.

Mantra: Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah

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Tracy said... of my most favorite of goddesses!one day i will have to take photos of the ones i have in my home...ganesh,lakshmi,hanuman,and of course will love them!
loving your posts as always!


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