The pearl is in the oyster.

And the oyster is at the bottom of the sea.

Dive deep.


In the last several days I've had several people tell me I've made them feel better. One friend told me I gave them hope. Not sure what I did. But, why does it seem much easier to help others see it, and yet I struggle with trusting, and feeling hopeful myself?

I can't deny the fact that I feel as if I'm if I'm on the edge of something, getting ready to fall...or is it a jump? Dunno at this point.

As far as practice...I'll be sticking with primary this week because of my travels. I enjoyed my stint in Portland, but the trip out and back kinda threw me off balance. Just have to come to terms that my system is sensitive.

Continuing on to Portland...I was really impressed by it. From what I gathered its a wonderful place...very green...beautiful scenery...majestic mountain fews. Nice place. I could see myself there...or...somewhere in Cali...hmmmmm. I'm lovin' the west coast.

However, what was more impressive was my little niece. She's got such a deep eye view...a definite old soul...what a delight.

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